Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery?

Oregon polished concrete contractor icon-wet-floorWhen clean and dry Polished Concrete is no more slippery than regular concrete floors.
It is less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble. If this is a concern there are anti-slip conditioners that can be applied.

Does polishing get dusty?

Portland Oregon polished concrete contractor icon-vacuumWe use a high powered vacuum connected to our grinding machines to help eliminate major dust. When completed there is to be some dust expected but nothing major.

How do you maintain Polished Concrete?

Salem Oregon polished concrete contractor icon-guaranteePolished concrete is cleaned by using a water damp microfiber cloth to dust. An occasional use of a neutral cleaner can also be used. Except for high traffic areas polished concrete should keep its shine for years. Floors can easily be repolished with our equipment if needed.

Is Concrete Polishing very expensive?

Oregon concrete contractor icon-bestvalueWhen compared to other floor options such as ceramic tile or VCT and the maintenance on them polished concrete is much more cheaper and practical.

Can any concrete be polished?

Concrete PolishingAlmost any structurally sound concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. But there are some exceptions.
For new floors, no special mix design is required to achieve good results. However, the floor should be in place at least 28 days before polishing begins to ensure adequate curing. Some retail and warehouse facilities that plan to polish their floors after placement may specify the installation of as smooth a floor as possible to minimize the polishing steps required.
Existing floors typically require some surface preparation prior to polishing to remove dirt, grease, coatings, or blemishes. However, floors that are wavy, need extensive patching, or are extremely porous may not be good candidates for polishing. An experienced contractor can usually determine a floor’s suitability.
To help solidify and densify polished concrete surfaces, some contractors apply penetrating hardeners to the concrete, normally after the first step of the grinding process. These products, which can be applied to new or existing floors, work by reacting chemically with the concrete to form a hard, crystalline structure. They also prevent dusting of concrete and offer extra protection from water penetration and staining.

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