What To Expect From Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete polishing is the new, cost-effective no-wax flooring method that produces smooth, high-luster floors stained to the look of polished stone. Commercial businesses and homeowners both are choosing this alternative over expensive marble, granite, tile, linoleum or other coated surfaces because it is the most durable and cost effective flooring option available without exception. Polished concrete never needs waxing or coating and can be stained to imitate a variety of surface textures; we can even embed logos or other designs into your floors, or produce guide lines that will never fade. They are easy to clean, resistant to scuffing and are environmentally friendly as they require no hazardous coatings or special cleaning materials. Here’s what to expect when we work on your project:

  • A walk through with the customer going over the job. Discovering what kind of floor you are looking for and going over all your options.
  • We will tape and paper all walls and door jams 4 feet high. This is to reduce any dust or scuff marks.
  • We are not responsible for any paint touch up.
  • We can contain about 95% of our dust from the grinding and polishing process.
  • When job is completed we will remove all paper and tape and haul off debris.
  • We wipe down excess dust off the walls.
  • Don’t wipe down ceiling or fixtures.

What Maximum Finish expects from you

  • Empty floor no exceptions. There is nothing to be left on the floor for us to work around and have to move.
  • There must be adequate lighting evenly for the entire grinding surface.
  • There must be a rest room or portable toilet supplied by you for the duration of the project.
  • Do not touch floor until completed. (Do not clean or mop)
  • No chemicals or water on the concrete surface.

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