Definitions of Concrete Contractor Services

Cream finish exposure

Polished concrete floor – Jersey Mike’s in Salem, OR[/caption]Cream finish exposure is a ground and polished surface, typically exposing only the sand particles in the concrete floor. This finish is considered a “creamy looking” surface and is the most popular choice for Architectural Ground & Polished floors.

Salt and pepper exposure

Salt and pepper exposure is a ground and polished surface, typically exposing a spattering of aggregate in the concrete floor.

Full rock exposure

Full rock exposure is a more heavily “cut” surface, typically exposing the greatest amount of larger aggregate in the concrete floor. The finish is the most often chosen when the substrate has been seeded with custom aggregate. On some floors including restoration of older concrete there may be limitations to how deeply the floor can be cut. The amount of aggregate exposure may vary across the surface of the floor.


Porosity is the pores is the concrete cause from the trapped air when concrete was poured. It can also occur when grinding the concrete and small aggregates can be pulled out of the concrete. Extreme porosity can cause the floor not to shine as much in high gloss finishes.

Smooth floor

Smooth floor is when we follow the contour of the floor not removing any high spot or low spots.

Flat floor

Flat floor is when we change the contour of the floor and removes any high spot to make the floor even.

Grinding concrete

Grinding concrete is a when we use metal diamond tooling in the first process followed by resins to give the floor a higher clarity.

Honed concrete surface

Honed concrete surface is evasive process in which we use resins to polish the floor without using our metal grinding tools. This process can have less clarity.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is when all foreign materials are removed in preparation of other flooring covers. (Carpet, Tile, Epoxy)

Gloss scale levels

  1. 400 Grit Level – With a grit level of 400, the floor will have a gloss reading anywhere from 40-50. From a distance, the floor will start to reflect from the side view. The polished floor will have a very cloudy whitish appearance to it. This would be considered as a low sheen.
  2. 800 Grit Level – With an 800 grit polish, the concrete will begin to reflect from side to side. The polished concrete will start to shine, but the appearance will be somewhat fuzzy. An 800 grit polish will have a gloss reading between 50 and 60.
  3. 1500 Grit Level -Polished concrete floors polished with 1,500 grit will have a significantly high sheen with excellent clarity. When looking straight down at the floor, it will clearly reflect the overhead and side lighting. The floor is very glossy and, from a distance, will appear to be wet. The gloss reading from this level will be between 60 and 80.

MOHS Concrete Hardness Test

  • 8 – 9 Extremely hard
  • 5 – 7 Hard
  • 4 – 5 Medium
  • 2 – 3 Soft

Most concrete within the United States has a MOHS hardness rating of No. 5 to No. 7.

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