Optional Concrete Services

Maximum Finish LLC of Oregon is the best concrete floor polishing company in the state and offers many other concrete services including counter tops, repairs and more. Literally anything and everything concrete; if you can dream it, we can do it!

  • Crack chasing – In your concrete slab there maybe cracks that have formed and we can repair them. To prepare the crack for repair, we use a crack-chaser diamond blade to remove any loose concrete and to straighten out the crack as much as possible. Doing this process allows Rapid Refloor to have maximum bonding with the walls of the crack. This process is billed at time and material due to depth, width and length of the cracks and the color tint desired.
  • Grind-N-Fill – Grind-N-Fill mixes with the dust created while grinding concrete floors to create a super-durable matrix that automatically fills pinholes, small air voids and pop-outs, micro-cracks and other gaps in the concrete surface, during grinding. This is a time and material process.
  • Joint filling – Concrete slabs utilize expansion joints as a means of allowing the concrete room for swelling and movement, such as in the summer months when the heat and humidity cause the concrete to expand. We use a two component heavy duty, semi-rigid polyurea joint filler intended for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors. This process is time and material due to depth and width of the joints and the color tint desired.
  • Pit grout – Rapid Refloor Pit Grout was developed to fill/ repair concrete floor surface imperfections such as air holes, pop-outs, surface pitting, scratches and gouges, etc. After applying Pit Grout we have grind off the excess material and then continue with the polishing process. This a time and material process due to the amount of repairs being filled and color tint desired.
  • Full rock exposure – Full rock exposure is not a guarantee on existing slab not knowing how it was poured and finished. We can grind and expose rock to your desired rock exposure for this process we bill per day for the equipment and operator. When the desired rock exposure is achieved we can proceed with the polishing process.
  • Sloping of concrete surfaces – Every concrete slab is different and sloping is a labor intensive process in which we are changing the grade of one slab to match the grade of another slab or floor drain. This is a time and material process.
  • Staining – Stain transforms dull grey concrete into decorative, low maintenance finished concrete flooring. Apply penetrating stains to concrete before hardening/densifying with Consolideck® LS®, then apply sealer to enhance the color with a high gloss protective finish.This non-flammable, water-reducible formulation penetrates and colors cementitious surfaces without risk of etching the surface or corroding adjacent architectural metals. This is a time and material process. Each color is an additional charge.
  • Stencils – We can do custom stencils all we need is a design and our graphic designer cuts it out and we can strain it or your floor. Stencils can be one color or more complex with multiple colors. Note each color is an additional charge. This process is time and material.

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